It has been a crazy month of November, so I just wanted to touch base with my subscribers to let you know I haven’t abandoned the blog for a prettier face — my novel.

Based on a strong outline, I was able to finish the rough draft of my first book by November 12 and won National Novel Writing Month’s 50,000 word requirement two days ago.

Now, I’m into the revise and edit mode. I will be seeking beta readers (guinea pig readers, if you will) to do a test read before publishing next spring. If you are interested, comment here or reply to my email.

One last bit of news: I’ve narrowed my niche for my blog as marketers are wont to do. Many will be relieved to know I’ve settled on travel and books, so no more political posts. Whew!

Monthly book reviews, a Christmas cruise, coastal sky-view train and tour of Seattle in December, New Year’s Eve In Denver and two big trips for 2019 are in the works.

Grab a book and the hot beverage of your choice. Let’s settle in for a snowy winter on the sofa with intermittent sunshine on vaca.

Feel free to share!

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  1. Margaret Kicken


    Would love to read your book. However you may not like an OLD–Old woman’s response to the book. Some weeks I read a book a day. But, when I don’t care for a book I return it to the library unread.

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