The zero in the title is for “no new information.” A bad way to end my first big series of travel blog posts.

Today’s final day on the trail certainly didn’t go as planned. In fact, my interviews with two VERY accomplished Native American women didn’t GO anywhere, due to lack of planning on my part.

I did get a chance to visit the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln and viewed Standing Bear’s headdress he gave to his attorney A.J. Poppleton, following the landmark “I Am A Man” trial. The headdress was a family heirloom and is now a Nebraska heirloom.

There were many other great exhibits at the museum, so I’ll post two groups of photos. Photos will be posted on my business page at Facebook. If you’re not already following me there, please check it out, just to see the pretty pictures. The page title is Mary Wernke, Writer.

It embarrasses me this was the first time I visited the state history museum, having been in Lincoln so many times during the last 50 years.

I will be attending a Nebraska Writer’s Guild conference in Aurora the next two days and heading home on Sunday. I hope to do an evaluation of this trip’s blogging good points and bad points, so I hope you will leave comments and constructive criticism for any things you’d like to see done differently.

Future plans include a big Chautauqua-like travel blog annually, with perhaps smaller ones dispersed between. As an example, my next trip will be through the northern states and so will likely be completed during the summer months.

I am in the midst of a redesign for my website, to include not just my blog, but also my journalism, photography and work with nonprofits. The look will change a good bit, but the same posts and subscriptions will remain. There will definitely be more automation related to notifications of new posts. Three steps for me will be whittled down to none, post and go.

November is National Novel Writing Month, so I will be completing the first draft of the book I’ve been planning for more than a year. I will be looking for beta readers after the fourth or fifth draft, if anyone wants to volunteer. When the book is complete, I’d like to make another trip to Ireland to visit Margaret Mannion’s descendants and share the book with them firsthand.

A month in Ireland in a small village there sounds delightful. I’ll likely blog then, too.

Feel free to share!

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